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Tox-He ☣️


Limited run of 10 figures. PREORDER: Expected to ship by Sep ‘23.


Semi-flexible polyurethane resin figure with hand painted details.

Approx 5.5” tall. 4 points of articulation, no magnets.

Comes with mop and shield accessories.


Slime Action features:

Remove his hump and fill his back with slime then watch in amazement as it oozes out of his chest!

Mop also has slime oozin’ action feature.


Figures come served on a “Toxic Masculinity” cardback with artwork by @acidma (TBC).

Sealed in a MOTU style blister bubble for freshness. Stay tuned to my Instagram page for artwork updates.


Handmade in UK by Uncle Matty of Rainbow Yawn fame.

Note: this is a Preorder item, expected to ship Aug/Sep 2023.


Out of Stock
  • This is a preorder item which will be limited to 10 figures. Expected to ship September ‘23

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