Trash or Treasure? This listing is for random prizes from the "Trash Surprise" vending machine. Leave your Instagram name in the Notes and I'll post a video of your game to the @trash_surprise page on Instagram. Players will be tagged as a collaborator so you will have the option to show the video on your Instagram page. Not suitable for children: Resin parts not toy safe and some prizes may be inappropriate or unsuitable for small children. All prizes are posted out in the mail via International economy to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Multiple orders will be combined and any excess shipping costs refunded. Delivery in 2-12 weeks. End to end tracking only. Prizes include: Handmade resin bootlegs, Rubber creepy toys, Stickers, Masks, silly/grossout/horror/prank toys, New & vintage vending/blind bag toys, Super mega lucky prizes too big to fit into a capsule and of course… Disappointing junk! Good Luck! 🤞

Trash Surprise!

PriceFrom £10.00