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Junko Pops - Landfill fodder pop art

Bootleg “Junko Pop” double cast figures filled with recycled resin scraps. ♻️

Now with 200% more eyes than ever before!

Glow in the dark.

Funko recently sent over $30million worth of their product to be disposed of in a landfill.

My goal in making these figures was to help (in some tiny way) to counteract the environmental impact that Funko has had on the planet by using their design to recycle my own waste.

New and improved “standing up” action feature! Now up to 20% less likely to fall over than similar (vinyl) figures.*

Our most environmentally friendly packaging ever!+

Here at Rainbow Yawn we care about the future of the planet which is why all our figures are expertly wrapped in pre-used bubble wrap before being posted to you in a box made of pure biodegradable cardboard.

Due to the handmade nature of the double cast figures some small bubbles may be seen inside but there is nothing major. Please see photos carefully.

*based on an independent survey of two people. Figures fell over on average 20% less than similarly styled vinyl figures from popular brands like Funko.

+Hazardous waste. Not recyclable. Do not eat. Unsustainable

Junko Pops

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